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How to debug a Remix App — Remix Series

Remix is ​​different from a CRA (React) because Remix has a server side beyond the client side.

Daniele Carta

Oct 3 · 2 min read


Meta tags like a PRO — Remix Series

One of important feature of this framework is that by default Remix expose a meta function in every routes.

Daniele Carta

Sep 27 · 2 min read


Come gestisco le mie finanze

Esiste un modo per gestire meglio i propri soldi e non sprecarli?

Daniele Carta

Sep 19 · 5 min read

Chakra UI · UX/UI

Chakra UI - A perfect button link

The goal of this article is show to you how to improve the UX of the component Button.

Daniele Carta

Sep 02 · 2 min read

React · Unit Tests

Trace your Unit tests progress with Codecov

Unit tests are a fundamental part of your application. With Codecov you can simplify the analysis of the trend of your tests.

Daniele Carta

Aug 15 · 2 min read

React · Deploy

Github Actions: How to deploy a React Application to Netlify

A simple Github Action to use in your repository Github to deploy an application to Netlify.

Daniele Carta

Jan 14 · 2 min read

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